At Thames Valley Bin Hygiene we offer a comprehensive bin cleaning service. By booking us on a four weekly basis, we ensure your bins will be kept to a high level of cleanliness. We also clean Recycling and Garden Waste bins so no matter your needs, we will be able to keep you bins looking brand new.

By using high pressured lances, our operatives will wash, disinfect, deodorise and drain your bins of any excess water leaving them clean and fresh with a pleasant fragrance. The machines will then recycle all of the water used and deposit the waste water at a registered site at the end of the day. We only use 100% Biodegradable chemicals making the whole process totally environmentally friendly.

Recent Studies have shown that Wheelie bins which get emptied fortnightly and aren’t regularly washed and maintained have be found to harbour bugs from the same family of bacteria that ravaged Europe during the Black Death, Samples taken during a study of the health hazards associated with fortnightly collections tested positive for a string of potentially deadly bacteria including bugs from the Yersinia family.

Not only do we keep your bins looking and smelling great, having them cleaned on a regular cycle eliminates this deadly problem and also significantly decreases the risk of pests and bacteria such as maggots, flies, rats, wasps, e coli and even salmonella that reside and thrive in filthy conditions.